SimpleWAN @Home

The simple way to improve your work from home experience.

Working from home has become the new norm. It has proven to improve productivity but for those with a poor internet connection it causes nothing but frustration. SimpleWAN @Home was built to improve your connectivity and use of your work from home applications.

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Everything you need to improve your home office connectivity.

You rely on the internet to stay connected to customers, partners and co-workers. But a bad internet experience can quickly kill productivity and cause aggravation when you are working from home. SimpleWAN @Home reduces these frustrations and keeps you connected.

  • Keep your home and work traffic segregated

  • Improve poor internet connections

  • Better quality VoIP and Video calls

  • Reduce downtime and troubleshooting

SimpleWAN @Home Key Features

All of the tools necessary to keep you connected while segregating work traffic from the home network. SimpleWAN @Home is designed to help you stay connected.

Plug &


SimpleWAN @Home is simple enough that anyone can install it by simply connecting to power.



WiFi is integrated into the SimpleWAN @Home device to instantly build your network.



Automatically connect to the internet during install with SimpleWAN @Home 4G service.



Separate work traffic from home traffic to improve your application performance.

SimpleWAN @Home improves connectivity

Save Time and Frustration with SimpleWAN @Home …………..

Within in minutes you can isolate work traffic from your home network improving application performance and security concerns. SimpleWAN @Home improves the work from home experience by focusing on simplicity.

Simple Connectivity for the Home Office

SimpleWAN @Home has three options to choose from depending on your specific scenario.

Bring Your Own

SimpleWAN @Home can be installed using your existing internet connection. From broadband to Fiber, use the connection that is already there to improve remote connectivity.

Powered by 4G

SimpleWAN @Home automatically connects to the 4G network. This 50GB plan is the fastest way to improve your work from home experience.

Unlimited 4G

SimpleWAN @Home offers an unlimited data plan to maximize your work from home efforts. Quickly connect to the internet regardless of where you are.

SimpleWAN @Home improves your

work from home experience.

Don’t let your home network slow your work productivity down. SimpleWAN @Home isolates your work traffic from your home network to keep you productive.

Within minutes your home office can be isolated from your home network, improving application performance and employer security concerns. SimpleWAN @Home is simple way to improve your work from home experience.

Once powered, SimpleWAN @Home automatically provisions itself, connects to the internet, and gains access to SimpleWAN’s powerful cloud-based dashboard.

Leveraging powerful 4G services and tools built for Enterprise, SimpleWAN @Home is the ideal product to help improve your at home connectivity.

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